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Multidisciplinary Consulting Group

Basic goal of a Multidisciplinary Consulting Group established in the framework of Georgian International Medical and Public Health Association (GIMPHA) is to provide professional support to the Georgian colleagues in diagnosing cancer, rare and complex diseases, and accordingly, in identifying proper tactics of the therapy. 
In case of providing a medical card and attached documents (radiology, tissue, tests, etc.) we are able to undertake additional investigations necessary for making final diagnoses.
In the event of necessity and demand the organization has technical resources to ensure re-addressing of patients to leading clinics of the world for diagnostics, as well as for the therapy.
Project Coordinator is Zaza Ujmajuridze, Oncology and Radiotherapy, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Z Ujmajduridze

“Medicom” Project for Family Doctors

Project “Medicom” is focused on strengthening of family medicine. In the framework of the project it is planned to establish close relationships with the Georgian Family Doctors’ Association, to form a working group, consider and analyze existing problems, and regulate the system.

The project aims to enhance the role and functions of a family doctor - the most important constituent of the Primary Care system, and its inclusion into international projects.

Within the framework of the project it is planned to ensure participation of European colleagues and provision of annual educational seminars for the Georgian family doctors in Georgia, as well as organization of trainings overseas.

The project will closely collaborate with the Ministry of Health, with relevant professional associations and allied specialties. The project will support the development and further implementation of guidelines and protocols.

The project will also closely collaborate with international organizations and funds.

Nino Bakashvili – family doctor, Netherlands

Organ Transplantation Project in Georgia

Transplantology is a complex specialty. The development of this specialty requires well trained professional and technical staff, relevant technical conditions and flexible legislation in force. 
Through support of European colleagues GIMPHA Organ Transplantation Project will support stage-wise development of potential for renal (laparascopic) and liver transplantology in Georgia.
The project is led by Koba Kupreishvili, specialist, Department of Transplantology, Rotterdam Academic Hospital

K Kupreishvili

Pathology Referral Centre Project

Talks about an idea of the need to establish Pathology Centre started in 2006, since Dutch colleagues visiting Georgia got familiar and assessed situation existing in the medical centres. 
Given the importance of the project the Ministry of Health was interested by the project and supported it. Negotiations were held and the agreement was signed according to which three doctor-pathologists and three technical specialists should have been retrained professionally in a leading university laboratory of Europe. Millions of Euro has been invested in the educational component of this project.
With the support and direct participation of European colleagues continuous professional education courses for Georgian pathologists are conducted annually.
Construction of the Pathology Centre started in 2012. GIMPHA is actively involved in the mentioned project and intends to support its successful implementation.
Project Coordinator is Alexi Baidoshvili, clinical pathologist, The Netherlands

Alexi Baidoshvili